Green City – your home, in the middle of nature

Green City speaks of peace, nature and disconnection. About the beauty of life spent where you feel best. Green City means home, right in the middle of nature.

With a location only 30 minutes from the center of Bucharest, more precisely in the 1 Decembrie commune, in the vicinity of the Argeș river, you will find yourself on the land of a former royal domain, and the green area you will enjoy is similar to the extent of Cișmigiu Park.

Far from the urban bustle and everyday stress, life can flow at its own pace and you can fill it with beautiful moments with your loved ones. With us you will feel like you are on vacation. Come be part of the Green City universe and see what it would be like to wake up every day, in your villa in the middle of nature!

Why move to Green City?

If you were satisfied with less green space, a park in the vicinity, but at the same time far from your villa, and the outings in nature took place only on weekends, be prepared to get everything you wanted ever! What’s more, the facilities you need to make your daily activities easier will be right next to you.


30 minutes to the center of Bucharest

You can find us in the Bucharest metropolitan area, in the commune of 1 Decembrie, at km 18 on DN5 Bucharest – Giurgiu. Because we know how important and vital it is for you to have access to the infrastructure of a big city, whether we are talking about the location of your office or your children’s school, a line of minibuses ensures your transport to the center of Bucharest. That is if you don’t want to use the parking spaces provided by us.


120 hectares of forest and green spaces

If you feel energized and in a good mood when you connect with nature, then you’re in the right place! You will enjoy being in the middle of a rich forest, but also of green spaces specially designed for you and your family. Whether we are talking about a gazebo, a playground or a small park, you will be surrounded from all sides by positive energy and fresh air.


All the comfort you need

If you plan to live in the middle of nature, that doesn’t mean you won’t still enjoy the comfort of your lifestyle. Whether you choose to leave by car from your parking spot, opt for a trip with the minibus line that takes you to the center of Bucharest, eat at a restaurant or take care of your own garden, in Green City you really can have them all.

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