Green City Houses

The villa of your dreams really exists! Modern, spacious and carefully structured, the villas in the Green City complex were designed on a single level, P+1. The materials used in their construction are among the best and most durable, so that care for your comfort and safety is ensured from the very first steps.

You will be surprised by the generous area you will enjoy, namely 153.44 sqm built, of which we will mention 118.71 sqm as useful area. Also, the courtyard of each villa occupies 100 sqm, only good for your gardening sessions or whatever else you want to do.

The architecture and interior design have been carefully studied so that space and compartmentalization are used as efficiently as possible. On the ground floor you will find a generous living room where you can set up a dining area and a relaxation area, a kitchen, a bathroom, storage spaces and a terrace. The floor consists of three habitable rooms: two bedrooms, one of which is a master bedroom with its own bathroom, an office and a bathroom. Also, the structure of the villa allows the arrangement of several storage spaces, otherwise encouraging better organization.

Villa plans

Ground floor plan

Living47 sqm
Kitchen6,82 sqm
Bathroom3,16 sqm
Hallway3,94 sqm

Floor plan

Master bedroom14,87 sqm
Master bedroom bathroom6,17 sqm
Office10,94 sqm
Bedroom14,46 sqm
Bathroom3,75 sqm
Hallway8,57 sqm
Total usable area118,71 sqm
Total built surface153,44 sqm
Yard surface100 sqm

Arrangement examples